My four Christmas looks!

Photography: Fiorello Photography | Hair & Makeup: George Marascas

I was wondering.. if it’s hard enough for us to decide what make up and hairstyle are we gonna pull off during holidays, imagine how much more harder is gonna be for a bride. Especially a Christmas bride. So I decided along with my lovely George Marascas to make a special video with not one, not two, not even three but four different holiday looks that will help you get inspired for your own holiday look and why not, even your bridal look. And just to make it even easier for you, I asked George to give you some tips for each one of the looks (which you will find right below the amazing video we prepared for you). Hope you will enjoy it!

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Nikos Fragoulis made my amazing video and all my Christmas earrings are from the collection of  Vourakis
*Holiday look tips by George Marascas:

  • A Holiday Morning Look
    Choose a “loose” ponytail, that will make you look chic even during your morning Christmas shopping. Combine it with brown earthy tones, a soft blush and a cherry lip gloss that will give you the morning freshness that you need!
  • Turn the Morning look into an Evening Look
    Take off the lip gloss and the blush you previously used in order to freshen up the foundation. Use a dark choco eye shadow and a dark lipstick which is the trend of the season. Personally I chose a berries hue but you should use it in balance with the rest of your make up.
    Keep the ponytail and give volume by using a crepe brush and create a fluffy cute ball on top so to give your total look a romantic tone.
  • Holiday Festive Look
    Last but not least is my favorite holiday winter look.
    Choco soft smokey eyes with bold eyebrows, blush cheeks and soft vanilla lips.
    Your hair look is a volume messy wavy look.

Videographer: Nikos Fragoulis | Photography: Fiorello Photography | Hair & Makeup: George Marascas | Earrings: Vourakis

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