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Wedding Photography: WedPashalis Photography

The wedding we are sharing today at WeddingTales is a spring wedding, with fall weather and summer touches. Labrini and Nikos got married in a beautiful small village between Nafpaktos and Mesologi! While the weather seemed to be the disaster of the day because of the heavy rain, the sun came out just before the ceremony and everything was just magical!

groom's shoes
Wedding Photography: WedPashalis Photography
groom's suit
Wedding Photography: WedPashalis Photography Groom’s Suit: Custom Made by Katerina Tsioli

“For both of us the most beautiful memory of our wedding day was the moment the sun came out after the storm some hours before the ceremony. It was amazing and unique. It was like he was doing us a big favor… but that’s how it always happens, right? After the rain, the sun comes out!!!!”.

Spring wedding in Mesologgi
Wedding Photography: WedPashalis Photography |Hairstylist & Makeup Artist: Maria Triantafillidi
Bride's photoshoot
Wedding Photography: WedPashalis Photography | Wedding DressCustom Made by Katerina Tsioli

“Our wedding colors were mint, sand beige and white. I wanted a summer wedding but because of Nikos’s work was impossible. So, I just added some summer touches to our May wedding!”, and if you ask us, Labrini did a great job planning her wedding, and of course choosing her special wedding dress, which wasn’t what she originally had in mind.

Bride's arrival at the church
Wedding Photography: WedPashalis Photography
Bride and groom;s kiss
Wedding Photography: WedPashalis Photography
Bride and groom's first dance
Wedding Photography: WedPashalis Photography

“When I first met with the designer and my close friend Katerina Tsioli to discuss about my wedding dress I told her that I wanted something simple, a long tulle skirts and a laced bustier with no sleeves! At the second rehearsal, while we were looking the fabrics I saw the lace and I fell in love so much that I ended going to the church in a long-sleeved lace wedding dress!!!”.

Tradition of the apple with coins
Wedding Photography: WedPashalis Photography

The bride before throwing her wedding bouquet, she holds an apple at her hand in which coins have been put in. She throws to her guests and if the apple gets caught by a man then the couple’s first kid will be a boy. If a woman catches the apple the the couple’s firstborn will be a girl!

Τhe apple with the coins symbolizes the bad habits the bride had before getting married, and by throwing it away is ready to move on to her new life!Wedding Tradition |The apple and the coins

“When we first saw our wedding pictures, we re-lived the while day from the beginning. We felt so lucky to have met Kostas and Sofia and that they wrote our story through their pictures. They gave us very beautiful images through their talent and professionalism. Look at them over and over again, beautiful memories and feelings come to mind! We really can’t thank them enough for travelling with us that day!”.

Engagement ring with green
Wedding Photography: WedPashalis Photography
Spring wedding in Mesologgi
Wedding Photography: WedPashalis Photography

If Labrini has an advice to give to all future brides to be that they just start to plan their wedding, this is it:

“Don’t worry… everything is not under control!”, with a great sense of humor she recommends patience and calmness. Bottom line this is going to be the most beautiful day of your life!

Wedding Photography: WedPashalis Photography | Wedding Dress: Custom Made by Katerina Tsioli | Wedding Shoes: Kokos Shoe Design | Hairstylist & Makeup Artist: Maria Triantafillidi | Groom’s Suit: Custom Made by Katerina Tsioli | Wedding Invitations & Guest Favors: DIY | Venue: Elaionas Zeliou | Church: Agios Georgios – Kato Vassilia Nafpaktias

Songs Playlist:

Entrance Song: Πάντα και παντού  μαζί σου – Δήμος Αναστασιάδης
First Dance:  At last – Etta James 
Cake Cutting: At last – Etta James

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