Atelier Zolotas was established in 1972.

Within a few years, its brand name became a synonym of handmade quality and modern design. A clientele of high expectations and exceptional aesthetics embraced the bridal house from the beginning and soon it earned an excellent reputation nationwide.

Since 2005, Atelier Zolotas has been managed by the third family generation, Dim and VG, two brothers who hold different positions in the company. Dim Zolotas is the chairman and CFO of the bridal house, focusing on its multi-level development.

When VG took on the role of creative director, having virtually being raised in this environment, he continued with the same enthusiasm but with a creative orientation of his own. Differentiating himself from the mass production of pret-a-porter wedding gowns, his inspiration is driven from unique, sur mesure creations, handmade expertise and the Hellenic element, which entirely generate his creativity.

The Hellenic Vintage Collection was a personal vision of the designer. He tried to design a collection that connected the past with the future and that is exactly what he achieved. His innovative collection became a success story, it was awarded in Milan and it attracted the interest of brides and professionals around the world.

Since 1972 everything is made by hand. For all of us this is not just a job. It is pure joy. A challenge to pioneer. What we consciously choose to do.

It is what we love. It is our heritage!

Address: L.Vouliagmenis 569, Argyroupoli, 16452
Phone.: 2109962562-5


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