I was born and raised in Athens but my origins are from Nemea in Korinth, which I consider my home. I remember myself, even from when I was little, behind the camera lights, following my father in his journeys since this was his job. Although I finished my studies in economics, I finally decided to follow my dream as a cinematographer.

I studied cinematography, direction, lighting and editing in a private school in Athens. For me the photographic imprinting and interpretation of reality is a way of life, while every frame is part of a synthesis, a painting.

The happy memories help us throughout our lives to overcome all the obstacles that appear in front of us. So, with absolute respect towards these memories, we have the ability to keep them even more alive for you. Every ceremony is a new challenge so that the outcome is professionally and aesthetically perfect. We have a personal contact with every person in order to achieve together the desired outcome, always keeping in mind discretion that is necessary in your private moments.

George Karyotis

Tel.: +30 6947126998
Email: info@behindthescenes.gr
Site: behindthescenes.gr


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