We are Fanis and Jenny, wedding photographers, travelers and lovers who love to photograph fun, free spirited, passionate and lovestruck couples. Our everyday life is a story of coffees and good food in favourite places, strolls around the city, exploration of the countryside, music, movie nights and a lot of editing. We absolutely love road trips, fall and spring and our crazy dogchild.

Our photographic style is storytelling and creative; We focus on the story that is unfolded in front of us and act accordingly. We love to witness the emotions each couple share, and observe how they interact with each other. It takes a few simple things to fascinate us: Starts with being able to capture the pure love between to humans, the intimate moments they share with their loved ones on that special day of a wedding, the overflow of emotions, the happiness, the tears of joy. We always enjoy a good adventure, therefore we are more than happy when our couples are willing to get adventurous with us and forget about the ordinary.

There is not such thing as to-do lists for us. During a typical wedding day, we’d capture whatever stimulates our mind. For us, it is very important that our couples should feel comfortable with us and vice versa.

Communication and trust are the two major factors for our collaborations, which would allow us to build a healthy relationship with our clients. We work exclusively with couples that share the same aspects with us, in terms of aesthetics and collaboration. We are aware that our style may not be a good fit with every couple. However, for everyone who is looking for a natural and unconstrained approach, we are excited to open up ourselves and share our passions.

Tel. & whatsapp
Fanis: +30 6980371460
Jenny: +30 6970766919
Email: hello@daysmadeoflove.com
Site: daysmadeoflove.com


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