A woman’s wedding is the most unique and special moment in her life. At that moment, a woman wants to be herself. The best version of herself and not a completely different person.

For me it is happiness, joy and creativity to be a part in such a wonderful moment like your wedding day. A wedding is an event that marks a new beginning in the life of a couple, a joint course, full of thrills and enjoyment of life. The sense of this fact is not reflected so strongly in the picture, as is reflected in the memory of the bride.

And that is my part in her day. To be next to any future bride with my knowledge and expertise, so that through my artistic intervention, to create together with her, a correct, timeless absolute beauty image, an image that reflects the significance of the moment but also the personality of the woman who is at the center.

Having this in mind, I actively participate in the best mood, professionalism, expertise and experience, with the choices we will make together in hairstyling and makeup, while respecting the wishes and personality of the bride and the uniqueness of the moment.

I will create for you the best possible experience for that special day.

Tel.: +30 693 868 0243
Email: georgemarascas@gmail.com


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