Joanna Stella’s work stands out for lasting results, great photographic stamping, but above all for the unique way she manages to show each woman’s brightest self every time!

Having studied and worked at the same time in fashion and styling, her look is not limited to the face, but extends to the overall image of the woman, always creating a complete result. Make-up, hairstyle, accessories .. every detail is leading to a “red carpet” look, like the one that every woman dreams of for the most special day of her life!  That’s why Joanna cares to spend a lot of time in her first meeting with the bride to be, carefully planning your look in order to be in total harmony with your style and outfit.

Born in Athens in 1983. Joanna Estella PlD had a natural artistic talent in painting, sketch and style and a unique fantastic creativity from her early years. By the age of 12 she had already been studying at ORNERAKIS school and as she grew up fashion stole her heart and gave her the opportunity to be more creative in a 3D dimension and in everyday life.

It was the moment when she graduated  ΒΕΛΟΥΔΑΚΗΣ fashion school at the age of 23. Her talent and her energetic power gave her the opportunity to work next to renowned designers such as K. Kostarelos, D. Eleftheriou, and many well-known designers such as Ysatis and Toi & Moi for a long time space. As a result, there are some excellent clothes bearing her signature.

However, love for painting did not fade away. So, she decided to combine her “passion for fashion” with painting. As a result, make up appeared in her life giving her a new creative way of expressing style and showing off her talent. She decides to study the makeup art at the Freddy Make-Up Stage, next to the renowned makeup artist Freddy Kalobratsos, while at the same time she is working on events like “Fashion Week in Athens”, a wide range of fashion shows, plays, professional makeup exhibitions.

After completing her studies, she began to work with leading photographers, stylists, hairdressers and models in various projects and famous magazines that have been printed or published on the internet.

During her career she worked on a huge variety of makeup patterns and continues to take on new occasions, but her true love has always been bridal makeup.

Because every bride is special and every wedding is a creative challenge! For Joanna bridal makeup means: A bright, cool face that highlights the personality and peculiarity of each woman without any alteration of the features!

Her purpose is to get on the steps of the church this special day of your life, feeling unique at the most beautiful version of yourself!


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