I was photographed for the first time at the age of six months old.

Since then I was photographed during my first birthday, second, third etc. This habit came to a sudden end when at my 12th birthday photoshoot, my first camera was given to me as a present… that was it. It was my turn. Whatever draw my attention became mine with one or more clicks from my camera.

Landscapes, people, details, moments that passed infront of my eyer… I captured them in my memories through my lens. In 2007 I dared, for the first time, and under the sounds of flash lights, to “steal” a bride’s beauty.

P.S.: Based on print photos from my birthdays – as evidence – I am still 12 years old!

Sakis Androutsopoulos

Tel.: +30 6944 831028
Email: info@kikavideography.gr
Site: kikavideography.gr


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