Images and thoughts.

I started taking pictures from the moment I realized how fast, some times nicely and sometimes not, the wold changes around us. I grabbed from that feeling and I started capturing moments. Some of them I wanted to hold them for ever no matter what. All of them that words describe with controversial success, I wanted to close them in a frame, with a “click”. Pictures, thoughts, moments. No chattering!

And then, the first time I  looked through the “viser”, I realized that the content of every good picture must be the enthusiasm of the photographer for all those that “dance” in his-her frame. Expressions, reactions, movements, laughing smiles, tears. Happiness. This enthusiasm of mine, became the yeast to ferment your happiness, your own moments, the miracles of your life.

So I became what Helmut Newton John once said: “A gun of fire” of what you ask. Or just an usherette of your memories…

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