Hi, we are Teo and Anna.
We are partners in life and work for the last 8 years. What we really are, can be told in just 3 words..Photographers, parents, travelers. Photography is our passion and one of the reasons that connected us. Our two little monkeys are the greatest gift we’ve ever received. Trips all over the world is our oxygen.We are coffee addicts and music lovers. We always have our bags packed , ready to travel wherever you call us.. and when we do, we keep on having the same question in our heads…

“..is this our job..really?”

We strongly believe that connection between two people is the greatest thing of all. The time when two become one. Their lives, their souls, their everything. Our goal is to tell every kind of love story through our pictures. We approach every wedding, elopement or love session with respect and discretion. We love documenting the love of two people and we feel really blessed that we can do it via our photography. We madly want to be part of your big day and not just two weird guys running after you. Feeling the intensity of the moment…thats exactly what we do. Create lasting memories in an artistic and elegantly way. In two words, Your Love is our motivation. We could write, and write and write…endless things about us..but we would repeat ourselves. As simple human beings ,we tend to simplify everything..We live for the simple things in life. That’s what we call Happiness..Raising our two little boys in the best way we can. That’s what we call Blessing.. Creating beautiful pictures and capturing raw emotions of two souls who decide to become one ..
That’s what we call Love.

Phone: +302310267271
Mobile: +306937167925
Email: info@lighthousephotography.gr
Personal email: teo202000@yahoo.com
Site: www.lighthousephotography.gr


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