If we had to describe Lila Nova with just one word, that would definitely be -Teatrale- The fashion designer “Lila Nova”, serves with absolute passion her dreams and passions to become a reality and to accompany today’s women in all moments of their lives, giving them the opportunity to embody roles with the most imaginative way.

“Be the actress in your own life movie”. Strict in the choice of the fabrics she uses, obsessive with the quality of production. Linear shapes within the garment and forming it.

“The clothe, for me is creation…. I take elements from history and I adjust them to me – to today”. The absolute fashion visionary.

After completing her studies in Fashion Design in Greece, she starts her own atelier in Kolonaki with Sur Mesure – Tailor Made Creations & Bridal line. And a number of distinctions in the fashion industry, both in Greece and abroad, follow.

“Lila Nova” women can be described as Innocent Femme Fatales…

38 Sina & Skoufa str. Kolonaki
Tel.: +30 211 0107658
Cell: +30 6972251000
Email: info@lilanova.com
Site: lilanova.gr


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