“The best part about being a DJ is that you can make people happy! Nothing compares with the feeling you get when you see somebody launching from their seat to dance.”

We know that your requirements for your wedding party are particularly enhanced when it comes to having fun both you and your guests. Based on our experience we can during our cooperation to combine your ambitions with our experience in the wedding field.

SoundVoice is an event company in the field of sound and visual production with over 10 years of experience specializing in weddings. Our professional goal is to offer you personal service in order to form the atmosphere of your wedding.

All our DJs know how to make your dream come true for that night and are always willing to listen to you. They know how to make your dream come true and are always ready to listen to your needs.  

You can combine live music with the music from the djs during several moments of your reception and make the party even more fun. Our solo artists like the saxophonist or the violinist use the music Dj’s music creating a hybrid set unique and particularly spectacular. The live bands, full of livelihood and can perform many musical genres like classic, traditional even pop, rock or dance.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about noise pollution, our loudspeakers can cope with that effectively so that your party will last as long as you want.

Alongside with the sound services you can trust us the lighting coverage of the venue that will reflect your aesthetics and will fit with your wedding’s theme. We can provide a variety of different dancefloors and photo booth that can increase the fun in every situation.

For us, every wedding is different, unique. Every time we start designing from the beginning according to your dreams, your perfect night! For this, brides-to-be love to work with us because we know how much they want to have the best result!

Tell us your dreams so we can suggest you how we can make them come true!


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