Vasia Tzotzopoulou wedding dresses are elegant, ethereal, sensual. Clean lines, luxury fabrics that love the female body. Silk tulle, French lace (exclusive of the house Sophie Hallette Paris), handmade braids – tied masterfully-create female figures that exhale an ethereal dynamism.

Behind every Vasia Tzotzopoulou’s creation, there is journey of inspiration which is influenced from romantic theatricality, since she is a graduate of ‘Veaki’ drama school and has worked as an actress.

Vasia Tzotzopoulou gets inspired by each individual bride. “I approach the clothes like an actress. Every woman for me is the heroine of an act. Depending on the act, I create the dress or the wedding dress. I want my wedding dressers to have the same magical influence that a suit has to an actor (transfer them to another dimension making them another person that of the acting role). Make women feel beautiful, unique, confident!”

You can find Vasia Tzotzopoulou’s wedding dresses collection at 5, Xanthou Str., Kolonaki. For appointment call: 210 7254765. For more information, visit our website and follow us on Facebook  and on Instagram.

5 Xanthou str., Kolonaki
Tel.: +30 210 7254765


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