Since it first began operating in 2006, White Lilac has been much more that just another rental company… Yes, we may have available for rent one of the largest collections in beautiful & luxurious table linens, fine porcelain dinnerware, crystal clear drinkware, shinny flatware and accessories that can make your setting look fabulous, but White Lilac is and does more than putting them in the right order!

We choose and treat our rentals like they are our dream wedding gown or our favorite pair of stilettos! Every table setting that we prepare for you is like styling you up to go on the first date with the man of your dreams or to get your dream job…

White Lilac literary dresses up your table!!! We carefully choose the textures and the tones that suit your event best, we then pick up the perfect porcelains and crystals that will make your setting look glorious and then we take care of all those small, yet important details that make the whole difference, like the napkin rings or the chair covers! And after you no longer need us, we discretely pick up everything and leave you with the feeling that everything was just perfect. White Lilac is taking your tables from ordinary and functional to super stylish and memorable!

We renew our collections on a seasonal basis, getting inspired by fashion, art, nature, movies and we never make the exact same table setting twice, as White Lilac is all about personal style and every new event is just another quest to help you choose the things that will make you feel happy and confident on your most important moments of your life!

White Lilac will provide total looks for your wedding night, your dinner parties, your business lunches, your company’s conferences and for any occasion that requires art de la table!

So, are you ready to B R I N G  T H E  C A T W A L K  TO  Y O U R  T A B L E ?

135 G. Papandreou str., Metamorfosi
Tel.: +30 210 8019465
Cell: +30 6945 107086


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