We have amazing news to share!!! Our brand new site is finally ready! After months of hard work (and this is the truth), we finally the new WeddingTales site is on air and we couldn’t be happier that we share it today with you. Some years now, WeddingTales tries to help you with your wedding planning, to inspire you and guide you for the most beautiful day of your life. In 2014 WedShop became part of WeddingTales, while on 2015 WeddingTales got its own inspirational blog. This year, we decided that it was time for WeddingTales to take the leap of change and we are thrilled to share it today with you!

Our favorite features of today’s relaunch:

New Logo:
Okay, it didn’t change completely but a small retouch on out golden logo has been made and we hope that you will love it as much as we do!

Mobile & Tablet:  There is no reason to worry where to read our articles, advices or where you are going to enjoy all of our real weddings, since now WeddingTales is available on your mobile and tablet so you won’t miss a thing. And trust us, the navigation is super easy!

Social Media Addicts: We plead guilty. Our lives are full of social media (it is the nature of work, you know) and we decided that we will make your life easy as well. All of our amazing photos are just a click away from pinning and sharing!

Homepage change: You know that we have tones of articles and photos for your wedding day. So, we decided that we change our homepage and instead of sharing just two features (like we used to do), you will be able to find all the new categories, our top-rated articles and our favorite posts. You will be able to find whatever you are looking for, easy and quickly.

Tips & Inspiration: WeddingTales now is separated in two parts to help you navigate and find what you are looking for.  In Tips you will find articles for your wedding planning, your bridal look and beauty, the groom, your wedding jewelry, your wedding decoration as well as for your wedding party! *Extra tip: Some of the best wedding professionals give tips and advices just for you! In Inspiration you will find, real weddings, galleries with countless photos, beloved styled shots and our blogger’s posts!

Galleries: Our galleries have countless of photos for inspiration and we renew them almost every day. Bur hear that… now in our galleries you can “love” our photos by giving them hearts (you are welcome).

Style guide: This is probably our favorite part of our new site. You can search all the real weddings based on style, color, season or setting! How amazing is that?

Comments: We love to hear your opinion and keep in touch. Now you can in every article, post, image or real wedding to leave your comment and be sure that we will reply immediately!

Wedding Vendors: Our wedding vendors lists are enriched (and they are going to get more enriched soon…) and now you can find your wedding professionals fast and easy! And do you now the best part? Now you can communicate directly with them through their contact form, and also tell us your opinion in case you have worked with them for your wedding!

Shop till you drop: Ofcourse, everything start with your bachelor-ette party! WedShop is full with new products and hey, get ready because the new products we are bringing this summer for you are going to set your party on fire!  

Fiogkos W.Telis the dog: Fiogkos (greek word for bow) is the logo of WeddingTales, so when this cute little puppy joined “our family” we just had to name him Fiogkos. And to be precise, his full name is Fiogkos W. Telis. Inseparable part of WeddingTales family, he had to be part of our new site. You will find him at the bottom of the page (his ears are not really that long but he is as adorable as you can imagine).

We want you to navigate and look through everything and give us your feedback (good or bad). We do really hope you will love our new site as much as we do, and trust us this is only the beginning for all the amazing things we have planned here in WeddingTales.


The WeddingTales Gals + Fiogkos W. Telis