My name is Chris Gouberis.
I was born and raised in Thessaloniki.
I am a husband and a father of two boys.
I studied photography in Athens and in Brussels and I live in Athens for the last 20 years.
Because of my work, I travel all over Greece.
I am a wedding photographer.
Expression, feeling, emotion, marriage, happiness, beauty, elegance, art, abstraction, photography.
How can you describe in a few words a process that it took you so much effort to recognize…

Those are the two streets of Photography.
It is up to me to choose,
to elevate its presence to the civilized code of perfect dreams of fantasy
or to face inside her the awakening of the rebellious reality.
(April the 15th – June the 3rd of 1979, Roland Barthes, The Light Room)

Tel.: +30  697 677 84 87


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