Our love for cocktails and for creating wonderful events focused on cocktails, was the reason that started the idea of ​​Your Bartender. The pleasure and satisfaction of guests at any kind of event, is the ultimate goal for us. Their big smiles and faces full of joy is the best reward and what gives us the impetus to continue to offer even better services, as much as possible.

Our company has two Portable Cocktail Bar that can “work” under all conditions. The handmade vintage bar, made of natural wood, gives a different touch to your event, offering a positive aura. The white bar, on the other hand, allows you to create on it, highlighting the theme of the party. Even the color is neutral so that it can fit to almost every occasion and in every place.

All you have to do is contact us, visit our specially designed space and try our flavors. After this meeting you will understand what it is that really sets us apart …

3 Atridon str., Athens
Tel.: +30 694 614 6103
Email: yourbartender.gr@gmail.com
Site: yourbartender.gr


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